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Doris Acheampong

Growing up in Africa, Doris saw art in many forms. She saw it in the folklore and stories her grandmother used to tell, in the wood carving sculptures by the men, in the beautiful art pottery by the women, and in the clay sculpture art taught in school. What amazes her about art is not the physical beauty, but what art makes her feel. Art does not speak to ... More

Georgia Schoonmaker

Georgia grew up surrounded by art, with two very artistically skilled siblings, and two artistically inept parents who were nevertheless frequent museum, theater, and film goers. She took numerous visual arts and literature classes in college, and is currently pursuing her passion of writing. In addition, she has discovered her love of theater, and sees as ... More

Lorrie Hayman

Lorrie Hayman is an adventure seeker and art lover. A history and dance combined honours graduate, Lorrie now lives in Japan as an English and cultural exchange teacher. She enjoys exploring what Japan has to offer and learning more about her new home. Lorrie uses art in her daily life to break down cultural barriers and build strong relationships in her ... More

Mackenzie Clark

Mackenzie is an all around arts enthusiast and has always had a love for visual arts. In fact, her family home back in Toronto, Canada is scattered with paintings and sculptures she has created over the years! Having the privilege of growing up in a creative environment, Mackenzie sees the value in exploring visual art as a medium for developing perceptual ... More