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Home in the Land of Sea and Sun

How I Spent My Summer Vacation By Tricia Smith, President   It has 365 Beaches, one for every day of the year. Cricket and sailing are its major sports; it's home to some of the greatest cricket players and one of the premier sailing regattas in the world. The world's sweetest pineapple is native to its land. It ... More

The Best Summer Ever!

How I Spent My Summer Vacation By George Perez, Board Member   This summer my wife, my two boys and I went to Florida to meet my first granddaughter for the first time. We spent seven days getting to know her; it was one of the greatest feelings. We enjoyed the pool, shopping, sightseeing and plenty of family ... More

Exploring New Shores

How I Spent My Summer Vacation By Robert Reeves, Treasurer & Board Secretary   Ahhh, summer vacation… This year has been especially hectic for me, with lots of business travel over to Europe and the Far East. With all the time away from home, it was a pleasure to disconnect, kick back, and relax for an ... More