Sarah Lum

Sarah believes art programs teach children a form of expression that will positively impact their lives.

Sarah spends her weekdays working as analyst for the City of New York’s Office of Management and Budget, where she contributes to the team that maintains the City’s debt issuance and debt budget. Prior to living in New York City, Sarah worked as an analyst for a transportation company in Arkansas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with majors in economics and international relations from University of Arkansas. She also received a Master of Arts in International and Development Economics from Yale University.

Sarah has long had a passion for working in community development and finding ways to provide equal opportunities. To accomplish these goals, she served several years as a mentor for at-risk kids in Arkansas and spent a summer on a consulting project for a local Ghanaian business. During both of these experiences, she was surrounded by ambitious people committed to doing good, and she saw those people have a profound impact on their local communities. This has continued to encourage her to find ways to volunteer and give back.

There is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort. - Charlotte Bronte

As a young person, Sarah excelled in math. Because of this, her adulthood has been spent mostly in a world of numbers. As much as she enjoys this world, art has been a hobby that allows her to experience the world in a different way. She finds joy and inspiration in drawing, reading novels and poetry, and listening to music. Because of her experience with the Arts, she believes the programs at Artsmith teach children a form of expression that will influence their lives in important and positive ways.