Lloyd Freeman: Artsmith’s First Advisory Council Member

By Tessa Smith

Lloyd FreemanWhen Artsmith started seeking advisory council members three qualities topped the list: expertise in a key advisory area, passion for bringing arts education to underserved youth and commitment to diversity. Enter Lloyd Freeman.

Lloyd Freeman is a partner at Archer & Greiner, P.C. He specializes in commercial litigation in state and federal court in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

He also coordinates the summer internship program at the firm – a pivotal role in helping to introduce fledgling attorneys of color to practical legal experience. And at a time when only partners were allowed on the diversity committee at his firm, he rattled the status quo becoming one of the first associates to join the committee that serves as a pipeline program providing scholarships and work experience for minority students.

During Artsmith’s beginning stages, Lloyd offered invaluable legal advice on 501(c)3 issues and IRS business policies. Adding Lloyd as the first member of the advisory council in 2014 was an easy decision.

“He had nonprofit experience and was involved in the community, with Big Brother Big Sister, but more than that, he had a personal connection to the community work he was doing,” said Artsmith President Tricia Smith. “Someone with a personal connection is more invested and that’s something we look for.”

With such a demanding job Lloyd likes to spend his downtime contributing to community-based projects.“I only do things that I am passionate about. That makes it very easy to help out with Artsmith and I’m happy to help out in any way I can,” he said.

I like to do alot of my work with classical music playing in the background. It has a calming effect. - Lloyd Freeman

“I wish I was a little bit closer so that I could support with my presence, but thank God for social media so I can feel like I’m there even when I’m not.”

A lover of the performing arts, Lloyd is skilled at playing all of the woodwind instruments. He started playing in his youth up until his undergraduate years when he played the saxophone in the Howard University marching band. “I still have two clarinets and two flutes in my basement,” Lloyd admitted. Although he’s no longer as active as a musician as he once was, his appreciation for music is constant.

It’s also helpful in his hectic work life. “I like to do alot of my work with classical music playing in the background. It has a calming effect,” Lloyd said.

Like Lloyd, Artsmith’s advisory council members contribute rich professional and cultural points of view and support our mission to develop tomorrow’s leaders through arts-centered programing.

Lloyd’s Productivity Tip: Listen to audiobooks on the go

“I like alot of biographical pieces, especially when they’re read by the authors themselves. It injects a different spirit in to the reading because you get to hear the inflections and better understand what they are passionate about.”

He’s currently listening to Hillary Clinton’s book What Happened.