Joining the Artsmith Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in joining the Board of Directors of Artsmith, Inc. (Artsmith), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. We look forward to learning about you so we can discover whether you and Artsmith are a good fit for each other. If you have any questions as you work through the application, please email us at [email protected] and one of the current directors will get back to you promptly.



Engagement in the arts is an essential component in the development of young people. It allows them to embrace their creativity in order to express themselves; but it can also build confidence, grow skills, foster teamwork, and inspire empathy for others. Art should belong to everyone but often, for many poor and underprivileged children, access to and participation in the arts are not a part of life. Artsmith endeavors to provide quality visual, performing, and literary arts programming to young people from disadvantaged urban areas, starting with the Bronx, who might not otherwise experience what their more affluent counterparts do.

The programs that Artsmith provides will help the participants learn about themselves, others, and the world around them; inspire them to dream beyond the image that is often presented to them about who they will and can become; and engage them in projects and activities that will allow them to grow as well as teach their communities and others to do the same. Artsmith is built on the premise that the world is better served by all people having equal opportunities, and will help the youth who are usually silenced find and use their voices to be part of the conversation that will shape the future of the world they live in.



First and foremost board members must have leadership abilities and a commitment to the mission of the organization. The organization is currently in start-up phase and will require a dedicated, active board to assist in many aspects including strategic planning, program development, marketing, and fundraising activities.

The Board is tasked with ensuring Artsmith is ethical in carrying out its mission, diligent in pursuing its goals, and in doing so builds and maintains a level of trust with its constituents and in the communities it serves. As such, the board will abide by the principles of the organization and the bylaws which outline the duties of board membership and committee roles. Board member duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Attending scheduled board meetings (in person or by teleconference), missing no more than allowed in the bylaws; la mia recensione qui
    • Serving actively on at least one committee;
    • Participating in board development and team building exercises;
    • Representing and advocating for Artsmith in a positive manner;
    • Following the code of ethics, conflict of interest, and confidentiality policies as outlined in the bylaws.

Artsmith has a three-tiered selection process:

Part I – Application and Resume
This application is the first step in the Artsmith selection process. Its questions allow applicants to speak to their interest in the organization and their leadership capabilities. Once applicants have answered all questions thoroughly, they must submit the completed application and email their resume to [email protected]. All applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of their application and will later be notified if they will be moving on to the next round in the selection process.

Part II – Interview
The interview is designed so that the applicants and the members of the organization can get to know more about each other. This will be an opportunity for the applicants to ask any questions they have and to provide any information they feel would be relevant in helping the initial directors come to a decision about appointing them to the board.

Part III – Reference and Background Check
All candidates chosen to move on to this final step in the selection process will be asked to provide 2 references. Additionally, considering the nature of the organization, background checks will be required to ensure our constituents are not being exposed to criminal or dangerous persons.

The current directors will review and discuss the application, interview, and references for each candidate who has completed all 3 steps in the selection process. A majority vote of the directors will determine whether an applicant is asked to join the Board.