Why the Dragonfly?

In many cultures around the world the dragonfly symbolizes the ability to overcome hardship; it represents strength, courage and maturity that results in positive change.

That’s why the dragonfly embodies the work we do at Artsmith.

As a nonprofit organization serving Bronx youth, our arts education programs are aimed at shrinking the persistent achievement gap – a symptom of socioeconomic disparity. Education scholars agree that the Arts is a vital component of a well-rounded education and future success, so we believe every child should have access to the Arts, including rising leaders from the Bronx in their most formative years. They have the most at stake.

It’s intentional that the spirit of the organization is represented by a creature that’s alive, resilient, smart and daring. At Artsmith we’re being the change we want to see.

Building on our students’ strengths and interests, we’re shaping their outlook and empowering them to find their places within important conversations and developments happening in and beyond their immediate communities.

We believe that every investment from our advisors, volunteers, instructors and donors brings us one step closer reaching our goal of enriching young people’s lives through arts education. An Artsmith painting project or a book club session can be the spark that motivates our youth to see themselves as exceptional and capable of changing the world.

It takes a sense of courage and commitment to lifelong learning to do community work and we’re hoping that you continue that journey with us.