Riley Burke

Riley grew up surrounded by the arts. Her passion for music began early when she started playing the violin in kindergarten. Riley went on to attend a performing arts middle school and expanded her classical training background by fiddling and playing in a rock band in high school. In her spare time now, she has been learning guitar and ukulele while singing in an a cappella group. A former staff writer for her high school newspaper, Riley is also interested in poetry and dabbles in writing. She looks up to her older sister, a former Irish dancer and theater student, who is now teaching third grade, as well as to her parents who are both writers and editors. Through their examples, she has learned about the power of writing, expression, and education as well as the richness and importance of enjoying and participating in the arts.

All our dreams can come true… if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney

Riley is excited to be a part of the Artsmith team and looks forward to sharing her love of the arts with the Bronx’s youth. She believes that empowerment comes from writing as well as artistic expression. Riley is excited to share her belief with young people that not only do we become more in tune with ourselves through artistic expression, but we also become more aware of others around us and of the world.

Riley is currently working toward her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Columbia University.