Karen Li

Karen has made it her mission to help people find their voices and be heard.

Karen Li is a brand strategist currently located on the other side of the country in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from University of California, Davis with a BA in Communication and is currently an MBA candidate at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Ms. Li has a passion for helping the community. While in college, she served on the executive board for the March of Dimes Collegiate Council, collaborated on fundraising events for Teach for America and Phi Sigma Pi, and served as a US Congressional intern. After college she helped found MILK Eyewear, a company that gives a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased, establishing the brand from the ground up.

It’s important to think good, speak good, and do good. If we want to see positive change in the world, then we need to connect to goodness. - Shari Arison

Ms. Li moved to Taiwan when she was seven years old. Unable to speak the language, she was subjected to bullying but eventually adapted into Taiwanese culture. When she moved back to America for high school, she thought the bullying would end; it didn’t. While in community college, Ms. Li participated in the school’s leadership retreat, where she got to draw, write and illustrate her emotions. Through art therapies, she experienced the power of self-expression and found her voice and an inner strength that she didn’t know existed. She trusts that by giving back, we can inspire our next generation with more opportunities and endless new ideas.